Two Simple Ways To Enjoy the January Rush

by Georgie

It’s time to put down the turkey, stuffing, mince pies and glass of mulled wine. Christmas season is over for another year and fitness season is about to begin! 

It’s time to put down the turkey, stuffing, mince pies and glass of mulled wine. Christmas season is over for another year which means you could be about to be inundated with people wanting to shift their Christmas waistlines and get fit for the new year, not to mention the number of people about to get engaged and start their ‘white dress’ diet. 

New year, new start. As cliché as it sounds, we all do it or think it. 

Let’s think immediate term: January. Here are just two simple ideas and ways that you could take full advantage of one of the busiest months of the year for gyms and the fitness industry:

Special offers and discounts

Set up special “New You” packages. This could be a discount on purchasing bulk sessions, a free taster session, or a referral scheme deal around ‘bring/introduce a friend’. Publicise your package on your website, social media channels – both business and personal (you never know what friends might suddenly take you up!) and be sure to add any special offers on your Oneshoo profile (if you don’t have a profile yet, it’s easy! Sign up here for free)

Group classes

If you want to work on a volume basis – why not set up some new group exercise classes and bootcamps. They’re lower cost; so more appealing to the clients that attend, but you can see more people at once, multiple times a day. 

The trick with group classes or bootcamps is to ensure they are accessible to a broad set of individuals. For example, you might want to start a ‘Basic bootcamp’ for anyone starting afresh, and a more intense, HIIT focused class for the fitter and more active clients looking for a new year boost.

This is where your email list, existing clients, and friendship groups really come in! Promote the classes across your social media channels and get your friends involved to help you out – incentivise it with referral discounts or ‘bring a friend’ free sessions. To ensure an ongoing financial commitment from clients, put together bulk-booking packages; 5, 10 or even 15 sessions.  

There you have it, two simple ways to start 2018 right!

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