Questions and Answers with David Featherstone

City worker turned fitness model champion! What makes Oneshoo ambassador David Featherstone tick? How does he keep his clients motivated? Find out in our question and answers blog. 

Welcome to our sit down Questions & Answers with Oneshoo Ambassador, David Featherstone - "City worker turned fitness model champion"

Name David Featherstone

What made you want to work in the fitness industry, and how did you get started? My love of fitness and the opportunity to enhance the lives of others.

What advice do you have for anyone starting a career in the fitness industry? Be prepared to put the hours in! Don’t ever stop trying to learn.

Who are your most common clients? City professionals

What advice do you have for clients trying to kick-start their fitness regime? Stay consistent with both the training and nutrition (this doesn’t mean you need to restrict yourself)! Don’t skip sessions- if you need to cancel, try and reschedule if possible. If you want to make progress you will have to put the work in. Find something you enjoy and can see yourself sticking to in the long term.

How do you keep your clients motivated? Small wins with each session. Doesn’t have to be a new PB each week, just something they do well or have improved on - results over time!

How do you keep on top of the latest trends for your clients? Read research (not really fitness magazines but science based stuff).

What’s your number one tip for clients struggling with their fitness, or weight loss? Don’t panic or stress about it; there will be a way to reach your goal. Just make sure the goal you set in the first place is a realistic one.

Find out more about David:

Website www.featherstonefitness.com

Instagram @featherstonefitness

Twitter @dave_feather

Oneshoo www.oneshoo.com/david


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