Keep Up To Date With The American Sport & Fitness AssociationĀ®

Keeping current and expanding your qualifications is an essential part of the fitness industry, and benefits both the client and the fitness professional. Here's why we back the American Sport & Fitness Association®

As a leading online resource for fitness professionals, you can’t improve much on this specialist provider: American Sport & Fitness Association® (ASFA®). Oneshoo recognises, and appreciates the need for fitness professionals to keep their credentials up to date and expand their repertoire so that clients can benefit even more from their chosen instructor, and the fitness professional can appeal to more clients.  Keeping current and expanding your qualifications is an essential part of the fitness industry and benefits both the client and the fitness professional.

As a leading supplier of high quality Continuing Professional Development material, ASFA® provides online certifications in many fitness industry categories, including but not limited to:  Sports Training, Personal Training, Fitness Classes, Yoga, Pilates and a host of specialty qualifications. ASFA® works hard to keep qualifications modestly priced and convenient for its customers. Keeping certifications current, with new offerings and regularly updated texts, is key to providing fitpros the best possible service that widens and deepens their knowledge of fitness far beyond the minimum standards required by the industry. ASFA's motto, 'The online resource for fitness professionals' is all you need to know to get a certification when it suits you, and you only pay if you pass - now we at Oneshoo echo that sentiment! 

Check out these links to see ASFA’s certifications and Text and Manuals for Fitpros

And here's just one of their success stories:

“Ever since I have received my ASFA® certifications, I was able to expanded a single circuit class to 3 intensity-tiered classes. I have helped people challenge themselves to be better and helped them reach their fitness goals. Numerous of people have passed their annual Physical Test with a pass rate of 85% or higher. One young lady lost 50lbs and 7 inches off her waist from coming to my circuit classes 4 days a week. The number of people in each class grew, class attendance jumped from 25 people to 45 people. People thanked me for pushing them to new heights every class. I was truly humbled that so many people came to the classes and put their trust in me.”

- Danielle T.

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