FitPro Client Recipes

If you want to join the elite Fit Pros in the UK, who provide not only excellent results through their training – but go the ‘extra mile’ for their clients then Fit Pro Client Recipes is for you. Find out more 

On average, trainers find their clients stay with them 4 weeks longer when offering a bespoke recipe & nutrition pack. If you factor in the time you need to invest in creating such a plan; you are looking at LEAST an hour per recipe pack. 

When you then delve into macro nutrient breakdown, different clients, specific dietary needs and goals… let alone a shopping list of ingredients, cooking instructions, AND making it tasty and simple enough that a client ACTUALLY wants to stick to it… …You are looking at hours and hours of lost time every week! Multiply that out over the year, and you can say goodbye to at least £3,000-£4000 in potential revenue. 

We have the quick & easy solution. Fit Pro Client Recipes, it’s safe to say that this system is not everyone’s cup of tea or protein shake for that matter: And If you are happy delivering great exercise and training ONLY, then Fit Pro Client Recipes is not for you. 


…. If you want to join the elite Fit Pros in the UK, who provide not only excellent results through their training – but go the ‘extra mile’ for their clients… 

…Then Fit Pro Client Recipes is for you. If you want to be seen as THE fitness expert in your town, or dominate the online world, you need to make a smart investment in both your business and your clients results. 

The icing on the cake so to speak is the fantastic support team, from technical questions to helping you set up your version of the system with logos, buttons and cover pages, our support team are on hand to speed up the setup and get you doing what you do best, promoting and delivering exercise, nutrition perfect meal plans and programmes.

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Features of FPCR V.2 - see it in action!

  • MEAL TYPE OPTIONS – Select specific meal types- Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and many more. 
  • NUTRITION FILTERS & RESTRICTIONS – Choose from a wide assortment of nutrition systems including Paleo, Flexible Diet, Vegan, Healthy Heart and many more. 
  • MACRO SLIDERS - choose a minimum/maximum protein, fat, carbs or calorie intake. 
  • PRINT PACKS OF UP TO 60 RECIPES - Print to pdf instantly up to 60 recipes branded to your company. 
  • SAVE TO A LIST - Save your recipe packs for your clients to download at a later time, choose who has access to each recipe pack. 
  • AUTOMATED SIGN-UP PROCESS - Automated sign up process for your clients making access & sign-up quick & easy. 
  • ADD SITE LOGO - Add a system logo as well as a recipe logo. 
  • ADD CUSTOM FOOTERS - Change the footer messages of the system as well as recipes. CHANGE NUTRITION LABELS - Change all nutrition labels to easily point out selected nutrition systems to clients. 
  • CHANGE THE COLOUR SCHEME - Brand all the recipe colours to you. 
  • ADD YOUR LOGO - Upload your logo to be used across all the recipes.
  • ADD A COVER PAGE - Create a html cover page for all your recipe packs. 
  • EXCLUSIVE CALCULATORS – Traditional BMR, Quick, RMR, Alan Aragon and 40/30/30 Split. 
  • BRANDED RESOURCES - Client food diary, lifestyle questionnaire, goals & preferences, exercise questionnaire and weekly videos you can use. 
  • SAVE RECIPE PACKS - Quick access to previously saved packs for you and your clients. 
  • CHANGE MENU COLOUR - Change the colour of menu links across the system. 
  • CLIENT PROFILES - Clients have their own profiles and access is controlled by you. 
  • OWN .RECIPES WEB ADDRESS – Ultimate Gym Members get a custom web address to easily direct their clients to their bespoke recipe system. 
  • OWN BRANDED APP – mobile & tablet app (apple & android) for ease of access for you & your clients. 
  • FREE WEIGHT TRACKER – For clients to track weight loss & easy PT access to client’s tracker entries.

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