7 Amazing Ways to Reduce Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

by Luke

There's sweet pain, then there's 'can't get out of bed pain' here are 7 ways to reduce that post-workout muscle soreness to keep you going day after day. 

You walk into a gym and you are ready to push it to the limit, you hit the weights, do some time on the treadmill and you feel awesome. Your training ends for the day and it's time to go home but suddenly you feel pain slowly spreading from muscle to muscle.

Some call it 'the sweet pain' and claim that there is no gain without pain and we agree one hundred percent. But, wouldn't you like to feel less pain? What about the next morning? As soon as you try to stand up, you feel destroyed.Therefore, we decided to make a list of useful tips on how to reduce the post-workout muscle soreness since we want you to be able to at least get up from the bed the next day.


Before going in and starting your workout it is advisable that you drink plenty of water. We are sure that you've heard this one before, but it is really important. In layman's terms, drink half an ounce of water per one pound of your bodyweight. You weigh 200 Ibs, you drink 100 oz of water. It’s a piece of cake. Do it on a daily basis and you'll be alright. 

Appropriate food

Another important factor here is the food you eat before the workout. That particular food will be used to fuel your body, but it will also be used to repair your muscles after the workout. Make sure that you eat properly the day before the workout. In terms of macronutrient ratios, 40% protein, 40% carbs and 20% fats is what those ratios should look like. On the day of your workout, you should take in a lot of proteins and healthy fats.


Even though many skip this part of the workout we really urge you not to do so. Activate muscles that you want to work on during the workout before the start. For example, you want to do squats today. Warm your legs up properly. Don't just dive in. You feel like doing some bicep curls and bench press? Activate shoulders and arms. Those joints should see some action before the start. If you skip this part, you can get injured. It goes without saying that muscle soreness is guaranteed afterwards. This will help you reduce it.        

Shake it off

Most gym-goers don't know that you can shake off the tension in your muscles between sets. That will reduce the soreness. After finishing a set of bicep curls you should shake off your arms and make a pause of at least 15 seconds. You were doing squats with weights? Shake off those legs, you'll want to be able to walk out of the gym, right? On top of that, you won't need those high-tech vibrating platforms that you only see in movies or at expensive gyms and health clubs. You do a set, shake it off, enjoy a few seconds of break and then start a new set. As simple as that.

Post-workout meal

Eating one full meal in no more than two hours after the workout is advisable! You can eat a snack or drink a shake immediately after the workout but having a full meal is the best solution. Meats, poultry, fish, potatoes and brown rice is what you should focus on for your meal. Those will get you the much-needed complex carbs, protein and fats. 

Shower and ointments

Taking a hot or cold shower is really easy and we hope that that's what you always do after the workout. It will also help you reduce soreness but if you really want to get that blood-flow going and get nutrients to your muscles, you should switch from cold to hot water and vice versa. Shower with cold water and then shower with hot water for 30 second periods. Applying ointments designed to relieve your muscles is also a good idea. There are various gels and creams but many athletes nowadays use tension-relieving medical marijuana concentrates. Of course, these concentrates are legal and they have proven to be a great pain reliever.     

Replace electrolytes 

Electrolytes help your cells to retain water pre, during and post-workout, preventing dehydration. For an extra boost in your recovery use products such as Totum Sport, a natural supplement that works to during and post-workout to replace any lost electrolytes, and ensure hydration. Read more about Totum Sport and Oneshoo benefits here

These tips will prove to be useful in muscle-soreness reduction, we guarantee it. Follow these tips and be consistent. Your body needs to be properly taken care of before, during and after the workout. Don't deprive it of that kind of treatment, you'll regret it later in life. 

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