6 Workouts that Burn more Calories than Running

by Luke

Jogging not for you? Here are six alternatives to get your body moving and blood pumping


Everyone tells you that jogging is such a great way to get in shape, but what if you’re the kind of person who would rather do just about anything else than go for a run? The whole thing is a fuss, and unless you have extremely good stamina, it feels like your soul is trying to leave your body after less than ten minutes. Luckily, there are many ways to get fit, and jogging isn’t even at the top. Want a workout that burns calories like crazy? Check out our favorite suggestions.


Boost your confidence, learn a cool skill, and have a ton of fun as you kick and punch your way to a toned body. You can burn up to 800 calories if you up the intensity, and it’s a really good way to slim down fast. People tend to worry that kickboxing is too violent, but this contact sport actually puts great emphasis on self-control and if you find a good trainer, it’s very safe, not to mention really good at reducing your stress levels.

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Rock climbing 

Are you someone who can’t seem to stick to a workout? Then you haven’t found the right kind of routine. Rock climbing is really interesting and adventurous, and it’s bound to keep you coming back. A combination of both cardio and strength training, it’s a well-rounded workout that basically doesn’t feel like a workout at all. It’s an excellent choice for outdoorsy types, but what’s so great about it is that you can also find activity centers with an indoor rock wall for any ability level. Find an instructor to teach you about safety rules, and then indulge your adventure fantasy as you imagine you’re conquering a mountain. 


Dance to the sizzling beats of salsa, or fast-paced hip hop and burn calories as you learn how to move smoothly. Dancing burns a ton of calories, and yet it never feels like you’re working hard. The whole thing is such a joy, especially because you can look forward to better coordination, agility, and slimmer body. We love a workout that leaves us happy and fills us up with energy. Besides, imagine how many dates you could score just with your wicked dance moves.


Stationary bike

Easy, practical, and perfect for every fitness level. Perfect for people who need to fit in a workout into a busy schedule, and they’re particularly useful because a lot of them can track your pulse and how much calories you’ve spent. You can easily add tension for a more intense workout, and you can also watch your favorite show as you ride it. The best way to go about exercising on a stationary bike is to do it in intervals. Spend five minutes riding slowly to warm up, and then increase the resistance up to about 3-4. Keep at it for three minutes, then increase intensity to max, and ride for full two minutes. Switch between these two modes several times and then cool down for five minutes before you step off. Simple and effective, and you can extend the workout time for as long as you like.

Weight lifting

Yes, running will burn more calories as you do it than weight lifting will, but weight lifting comes with a different kind of benefit. The so called “afterburn,” or the amount of calories you spend while remaining passive, increases the more muscled you are. So, while jogging brings more immediate benefits, toning up and having strong muscles can really benefit you in the long run.


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Jumping rope

Who knew that something as simple as a jumping rope can be so good for you? Moderate jumping can burn up to 16 damn calories a minute, so imagine how fast this can get you into shape? Jumping ropes are cheap, they require a minimal learning curve, and you can jump anywhere. At home or in the park, it doesn’t matter, because you can easily pack it in your bag and carry it wherever you want.

Don’t force yourself to go running every morning if you hate it. Consistency and finding something you enjoy doing are the key to success, so pick an activity that makes you feel happy and excited. Couple this with a healthy diet plan and you’ll reach all your goals in no time. 


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