6 Common Myths about Personal Training

by Georgie

Ever wondered why clients change their minds, don't fully commit or seem uneasy to get started with you? Here are some common myth-busters and how to tackle them with potential clients. 

Booking into a personal training can be daunting for clients. They can have a lot of reservations about taking the plunge and committing time and finances to working with you. These are just some of the myths you’re up against, and some suggested ways to ease their concerns in your marketing and messaging!  

Not all Personal Trainers attempt to break the will of their clients

We're here to work for you and deliver the results that you ask for. If you’re not feeling it in a session, or struggling with one of the exercises, they won’t force you to keep going. Ultimately, we're there to push you as far as you want to be pushed, we want the best for you and will encourage you to power through. 

I don’t have a gym membership

Doesn’t matter! A huge amount of us personal trainers run their own businesses and work outdoors in fields and communal spaces. We could even come to your home for you to complete a session indoors, or even in your garage. Weekend boot camps, obstacle courses, and outdoor classes are on the up. You’ll be amazed at the difference working out in the fresh air. 

Muscles don’t mean fit

It’s better to have endurance, strength, and stamina than muscles, especially during HIIT or bootcamp sessions. It’s amazing what your body can achieve! 

They’ll judge me because I’m so unfit

Never. Everyone has a starting point and different goals that they want to reach. Personal trainers can work with a bodybuilder in the morning, and post-natal groups in the afternoons. Both have very different requirements from their sessions and we can be flexible to suit what you need. 

Workouts have to be 1 hour long

Not necessarily! HIIT workouts have been proven to be effective in just 30 minutes. The trick is varying intensity, working the whole body, confusing the muscle groups and stamina in your body and simply moving! If you don’t want to do a 1-hour session, let your trainer know they need to build something that works for you. 

Personal trainers are the ‘magic button’

As much as we’d all love to do exercise 2 or 3 times a week and see the strength increase, the weight fall off and toning build – it doesn’t quite work like that. Nutrition and diet is exceptionally important to maintain throughout your personal training programme. We’ll often give you a meal or nutrition plan to follow. Without it, it’s less likely you’ll see results. Results also aren’t instant, it can take time to get there. Make sure you keep talking to your trainer about what you have achieved and what you want to achieve


Final top tips for putting clients at ease? Register free on Oneshoo, build your profile and be accessible to clients in your area! 

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