5 Realities of Qualifying as a Personal Trainer

by Chris

Origym PT Courses is recognised as a trusted education course provider within the UK health and fitness sector. We're lucky at Oneshoo to have partnered with such a high-quality PT training provider. We caught up with Chris, an employee at Origym to find out more about the realities of becoming a qualified personal trainer.

For some, it’s the dream job. For others, sometimes the reality of working for yourself and the change in lifestyle can be overwhelming. Here are the 5 realities:

1) Being a PT is more hectic than you think, but the lifestyle you choose directly impacts your salary. The more proactive you are the more money you will make. Simple. But, clients are fickle and will change with the wind so at Origym we provide CPD (Continuous Professional Development) courses that help amateur PT's master communication, marketing, and client retention. 

2) There are more opportunities than people think. Having a personal trainer qualification opens a lot of doors and teaches you a lot of invaluable skills. That’s why our course capacity is increasing, and why our course content is evolving. You can’t just look good in your fitness kit and clients come running anymore. You need to some smarts and ambition as well.

3) You need to always have spare t-shirts and socks. You will always be sweating. Keep deodorant on deck as well. You’ll be amazed at the number of clothes you go through.

4) Many qualified PTs are finding avenues into leading health organisation such as the NHS. Physiotherapy and exercise is now considered by scientists as a necessity regarding health and, more importantly, recovery. At Origym, we offer a GP Referral Course. We are trying to give our students the best advantage possible by making ventures into other industries possible.

5) Despite some of the realities, being a PT is very fun. You get to put on your own music, talk to a load of different but like-minded people throughout the day and more importantly, test yourself. It sounds corny but I every day was different for me when I was a personal trainer, and I was one for 7 years. 

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