5 Benefits of Wearing the Right Gym Wear

by Luke

Why is it important to wear proper gym clothes when working out? Here are 5 very good reasons. 

Experienced gym goers know just how important it is to wear proper gym clothes when working out. You can work out in your old soccer team t-shirt and shorts, there's no doubt that you'll make progress. But wouldn't you like to kick things up a notch and be more professional? Take a look below and see why exactly it is important for you to pick the right gym clothes. 

Better blood circulation

When you work out, your blood pumps oxygen to your muscles and lactic acid levels increase. This results in pain, fatigue and cramping. And you've probably experienced this more than once. It's perfectly normal. However, wouldn't you like to reduce that effect as much as possible? Do know that you won't help the matter by wearing the first few things you spot in the wardrobe when you start packing for the gym. The right gym wear includes compression clothing garments which are more popular than ever nowadays. This type of gym wear improves blood flow which helps reduce lactic acid levels. And that means less pain and more gain. And do not worry, the range of compression clothing garments goes from socks to full tights, sleeves, shirts, etc.

Post-workout recovery


According to research conducted by Born (University of Wuppertal), compression clothing also helps with performance and muscle recovery. How? This type of clothes provides extra support to muscles and joints which helps with the reduction of microdamage to the muscles, which prevents or even alleviates injuries associated with sudden movements that may happen during exercise. Not only do you feel comfortable wearing compression garments, but you also reduce the risk of injury as well as the recovery time. Men that are into weightlifting invest mainly in durable lifting shoes, but more and more also look for quality compression socks for men at the store every time they decide to upgrade their gear. You've got to do everything you can to protect your ankles. 

Smaller chance of injury

Wearing the appropriate clothes for the occasion simply has to be emphasized again. Every experienced cyclist wears padded cycling shorts, people who enjoy rock climbing use gloves to protect their hands and weightlifters use special shoes. It's interesting how many people forget that their feet deserve equal attention as their upper body. You don't want to have blisters or injure your joints. So, you also have to buy the right footwear. The right gym wear includes good shoes, too. Make sure that you find the shoes that are the right fit with a comfortable arch. They also need to provide good traction and stability in the soles. For example, flat shoes are great for deadlifts and squats while runners prefer lean shoes with foamy soles. Choose the shoes that best fit your workouts. 

Value for money

When investing in proper gym wear, you don't have to break the bank on a closet full of new stuff. However, have no regrets buying a few 'hand-picked' essentials. Be aware of the fact that prices vary greatly depending on garment types across brands. And even if you spend additional few bucks, don't worry. You are investing in yourself, it's for your performance and health. Don't opt for cheap knock-off alternatives, save some money aside and buy yourself the real deal. For example, spandex fibers are durable, and they last really long compared to the conventional sportswear. That is a perfect example of getting a bang for your buck. It is well worth it. 

Firm support

Ladies, hear this! You need a well-fitted sports bra with good support if you want to do high-intensity workouts. Please, avoid cheap bras that cause humiliating chest bounces and back pain. That's exactly what happens when you don't buy the right clothes for the gym. Try a variety of brands and styles, and it's guaranteed that you'll find the perfect sports bra for you. Just remember to pay extra attention to selecting the right size. You don't want to make a mistake there. It can be quite painful and annoying. 

You've read about the benefits, it's your turn now. Do you want to improve your gym experience or not? The choice is yours. 

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